Ahmed Tohow (Australia)

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

Mr. Ahmed Tohow’s  passion is to enhance Peace Building and Nation Building capabilities by bringing together international agencies, governments and local communities through education, cultural alignment and business for wealth generation. He has expertise in international trade, including mining and food resources. He has cultivated personal relationships with senior officials in national governments, tribal groups, commercial organisations, key influencers and education institutions.  He has over 15 years-experience dealing with civil and security affairs during the civil war in the horn of Africa.

Selected experience:

  • Vice Chair of the Deputy Board of Directors and Co-Founder of the Global Somali Diaspora (‘GSD’), which provides advocacy for all issues pertinent for the Somali communities in the Diaspora and homeland including, peacebuilding and security and nation-building.

  • Mr. Tohow has provided services to international agencies, including UNITAF, UNISOM, Red Cross, UNHCR and IOM in Africa and UNISOM’s peacekeeping mission in Somalia and around Africa during the 1990s.

  • Co-Founder of a Somali corporation which holds a mining tenement in the Federal Republic of Somalia. The corporation also promotes business networks and increases trade, investment between Australia and East Africa, exploring collaborative ventures, and global investors requiring strong government and security.

  • Co-Founder of the East Africa Security and Policy Forum EASPF, an organisation which, inter alia, facilitates forums that promotes the value of peace, stability and security in East Africa, Mr. Tohow was involved in arranging meetings with key Somali officials to discuss security matters.

  • He has collaborated on several pivotal research reports undertaken by leading Australian universities in the subject matter of Resilience to violence in the Somali-Australian community, developing a standardized measure to evaluate Youth Resilience to Violent Extremism, Intersecting peacebuilding and gender in Somalia and more broadly community needs and challenges such as unemployment, peacebuilding, stability, and social wellbeing.

  • He was awarded the Ambassador for Peace prize by the Universal Peace Federation Australia in 2018, in recognition of his international activities to promote peace in Somalia and working with the Diaspora.

  • He is also the Co-Founder and Secretary of the Australian Somali Chamber of Commerce Inc. The aim of this organisation is to promote and accelerate the growth and development of trade ties between Australia and the Federal Republic of Somalia and also to provide its members with a wide range of services targeted at promoting bilateral trade, investment and joint ventures between the two nations.

  • Mr. Ahmed Tohow has been awarded two Masters Degrees, in “Security and Terrorism” and “International Development Studies” from Charles Sturt University and RMIT University in Australia, a Bachelors Degree of Humanities and Social Science (International Development Studies) from La Trobe University, Australia.


  • He is also a sought-after international speaker and author of several publications reflecting his deep international understanding of the cultural underpinnings of East Africa and advice on how to successfully navigate this region.