Ali Ware (Netherlands)​

Member of the Board of Directors

Ali Abdi Ware is GSD Board Member. He studied (Master of Arts), political science and public administration at the free university In Amsterdam (VU). He works as a policy adviser for integration and participation in the municipality. He has also had a number of substantial courses and training on the following: Human rights course, Nationality Law, international law, Intercultural Communication Course, How Local Government work, Master of Management of Diversity, Training for moderator, Training Methodology Social Activation, Training in Leadership and, Training Teaching Skills, Training Consultant for Refugee Organizations, Institute for Public and Politics, Political Participation Course for Migrants, Ali worked as a policy officer for the local government and also as a social worker, interpreter (Somali and Dutch language). Ali was the director of (SOMVAO) Somalian Association in Amsterdam. He is currently Leader of Somali community in the Netherlands and chairman of the Somali umbrella organization in Holland. Ali was involved in several studies/research on integration and participation of migrants and refugees (Somalian in European cities in 2014, Somalian in Netherland in 2015, Somalian in Amsterdam in 2014, Integration for refugees in 2011, integration for migrants in 2016). Ali holds BA (International relation) at Somali National University. He is a Board member of Global Somali Diaspora.